Comic number 25. So, after moving, and getting a new job, I have finally found the time to start drawing again...and it only took me...months...-ahem-
Comic number 24 If you ever find yourself lacking for dinner conversation I fully encourage you to turn to your date/friend/family member and comment on the fact that certain poisons are completely flavorless. Guaranteed ice-breaker.
Comic number 23. Don't we all, Timmy, don't we all.
Comic number 22. If the house shaking didn't give it away, the eerie purple light and the accompanying sense of impending doom certainly did.
Comic number 21. I have mixed feelings about how this page turned out. Either way angry Kala was quite fun to draw.
Comic number 20. Taking a second shot at this comic. The first one was lost to the spontaneous death of my laptop hard drive, being as I'm brilliant and never back anything up. If it looks a bit odd it was mostly drawn on an old 7 year old hand-me-down desktop hooked up to my TV, which I could neither get proper resolution nor proper color on...my apologies...
Comic number 19. Honestly Timmy, I'm disappointed. Allowing your troops to kill each other is strategically unwise.
Comic number 18. Many things have happened, but finally there is a new comic. The next one should follow with greater speed.
Comic number 17. I have redrawn every panel on this page at least once...anyone claiming that perfectionism is a good thing will die by my hand this day...