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This is a comic about college, and strange conversations, and that potted plant in the corner of your house you feel might be watching you. It was and is largely inspired by the people Kesia shared a house with during her college years, which is when she first started writing this comic. Many of the people in question were probably quite insane. They did not have a ficus.

About the Authors


The Writer

Kesia Fox
Sometimes she writes some things, sometimes those things involve pirates and are therefore awesome. Sometimes she also writes comics, despite a startling lack of pirates they are also pretty acceptable. She is probably 24, and has a completely useless degree in English. One day she will rule the world.

The Artist

Sometimes I draw some things, sometimes those t‌hings involve robots. Sometimes I believe myself to be a robot, sometimes I believe myself to be an artist, I remain uncertain as to which is more reasonable. I am probably 22 and look, on average, about 30% more confused than the accompanying picture would lead you to believe. One day I will destroy the word.