29 - In which absurd quantities of food are wasted
28 - In which Kali fails to read the audience
27 - In which there is much judgement from a man in a hipster scarf
26 - In which language is a greatly flexible thing
25 - In which doom has never been so delicious
24 - In which a rock comes bearing interesting facts
23 - In which orders completely fail to be obeyed
22 - In which important information has not been shared
21 - In which Kala is not a morning person
20 - In which a mysterious figure displays unexpected musical preferences
19 - In which some inventive tortures are described at length
18 - In which many furious mutterings may be heard
17 - In which murder is avoided but temporarily
16 - In which Jaws learns not to believe everything he is told
15 - In which common ground is created
14 - In which Kala's musical preferences are called into question
13 - In which good health is sincerely hoped for
12 - In which doom is averted for a very reasonable price
11 - In which things are put into perspective
10 - In which a polite request for help is made
09 - In which no one will claim that pennies are lucky
08 - In which fine standards of education are upheld
07 - In which fond memories of freshman year are revisited
06 - In which hazardous materials are improperly disposed of
05 - In which Jaws takes up flower arranging
04 - In which homeschooling becomes much more appealing
03 - In which there is a noteable lack of weeping
02 - In which there are a good deal of undergarments
01 - In which the wonders of off-campus living are explored